Kaoru Okamoto

StartUp Promoter

Kaoru Okamoto brings start-up experience to SevenDays, most recently launching Japan's leading e-signature service from scratch as a product manager at Bengo4.com, Inc. Prior to that, Kaoru succeeded in monetization of a lawyer referral service, which led to the company's IPO. Kaoru graduated from Waseda University, majoring in Psychological Statistics in 2010.


Shinichi Hosokawa

CO-FOUNDER / Full Stack Developer

Shinichi Hosokawa graduated from Osaka Prefecture University in Osaka, Japan In 1996. Upon graduation, Shinichi joined JustSystems, a software company in Japan. JustSystems develops a wide variety of software products, focusing on Japanese input software and word processing. Shinichi is the Product Development Manager who put Japanese on the Web by using mouse and software technology. In 2006, Shinichi joined LUNARR where he was a lead architectural programmer for LUNARR’s web applications. In 2011, while at Zynga as a chief engineer, Shinichi developed and managed social games for feature phones.


Toru Takasuka

FOUNDER / Framework Designer

Toru Takasuka is an accomplished technology innovator and entrepreneur. In 1990, Toru joined Panasonic, he later rose through the ranks to become Senior Vice President/Director of V-Internet Operations, an in-house venture company in Panasonic which he helped to create. In 1997, Toru left a fast-track corporate career to pursue a new business idea and within a few years turned it into one of the most successful software companies in Japan’s history, Cybozu. In 2005, Toru sold Cybozu stock and in 2006 moved on to start a global business venture, LUNARR, based in Portland, Oregon. LUNARR made innovative web applications. Toru is now focused on bringing his latest innovation to a global audience with SevenDays.